Computer Programming in Education Article

Ian Livingstone: ‘Seismic shift’ in computer education

This article is over a week old, but I want to post it anyways.

In England, there is a new initiative to introduce computer programming into public education, claiming that current ICT education is “insufficiently rigorous and in need of reform.” Besides the ministry of education, there are some heavy hitters supporting this initiative including Google and Facebook.  I particularly like this quote:

Computer science is to ICT what writing is to reading.

It is the difference between making an application and using one.

It is the combination of computer programming skills and creativity by which world-changing companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Zynga are built.

Indeed, in a world where computers define so much of how society works, from how we do business to how we enjoy ourselves, I would argue that computer science is “essential knowledge” for the 21st century.

I wish Nova Scotia would follow suit!! Although, admittedly, I’m biased here.

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A pre-service teacher about to start his first teaching practicum.
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