Khan Academy In Canada?

Mathy McMatherson ‘s post on his experiences with Khan Academy lectures in his classroom has made me wonder if Khan Academy is having much impact in Canadian education circles considering the waves it’s been making in education in the States. With a singular exception, I really haven’t heard anything from the Canadian scene about “flipping your classroom” or any other Khan-inspired buzzwords.

When I first found the lectures I thought wow, what a great resource, and I still think that, but I never imagined that people with influence would earnestly suggest that it was going to revolutionize education. I’m still not sold. Quantity and quality of good teaching resources is not the main hurdle in serving public education.

Another thing Mathy Mc’s post reminded me of that I actually planned to post as part of my New Year’s Resolution, is that I want to learn Geogebra this year.


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A pre-service teacher about to start his first teaching practicum.
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One Response to Khan Academy In Canada?

  1. Thanks for the traceback to my post! I’m curious as well to see if there’s something about the politics or culture of the US that has pushed Khan to the forefront of our debate on education reform, and if this ‘something’ is missing in the politics or culture of Canadian education reform.

    I also really really really recommend getting familiar with Geogebra – it’s awesome!

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