Apple moves into Digital Textbooks

Ever since South Korea announced they would go paperless in schools by 2015, I’ve been interested to see how a school could go entirely digital.  Add to that, that when Apple makes an announcement, people take notice.

However I still have some skepticism digital textbooks are going to replace traditional ones anytime soon.

Here’s some questions I have:

– If a student loses their ipad, is it easy and cheap to replace?

-Is the shelf-life of an ipad long enough to be cost effective?

– If students scratch it, drop it, press too hard, leave it outside, pile all their books and other stuff on top of it, will it still work?

– Can students quickly and effortlessly scan through multiple pages?

– Does it feel like a traditional book?( I can’t verbalize why, but reading off tablets or E-Readers don’t cut it for me yet. There’s something lacking that I can’t put my finger on it, like lack of periphery or something)


About James C.

A pre-service teacher about to start his first teaching practicum.
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