E-Books Revisited

Previously, I posted skepticism about Apple’s announcement about their move into digital textbooks.

However, I found this video of a different E-Reader interface that has peaked my interest. (Hat Tip: Educational Stormfront)


I believe KAIST is the Korean Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, so considering South Korea’s announcement to go paperless as I previously blogged, it’s not a surprise to me that a Korean institute might take the lead on the initiative to bring textbooks into the digital age.

The demonstration, at least on the surface, might satisfy at least one of my concerns that a tablet reader interface is not diverse and flexible enough to replace a traditional textbook.  I’ve claimed they’re too tedious to flip multiple pages, view multiple pages at once, etc. However, if an e-reader interface can satisfy this concern, and also include the advantages of a digital format such as hotlinking and embedding, I just might change my tune.

They still have to design these things very cheaply and able to be run over by an army tank in -50 degree weather before I’ll consider it though.


About James C.

A pre-service teacher about to start his first teaching practicum.
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