Wish List #1

This post is going to be slightly in jest. I’m serious, but I haven’t seriously looked into it.

– Can we stop teaching elementary children to use the “x” sign as multiplication? How about if we teach them to use a dot instead?  It’s not only confusing because so many continue to use the x sign into middle-school when they’re introduced to algebra, but then we teach students X means something completely different when we’re dealing with vectors.

– While we’re at it, can we standardize the division sign as just a number over another number, like a fraction?


About James C.

A pre-service teacher about to start his first teaching practicum.
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1 Response to Wish List #1

  1. I cannot agree more with this post. I was actually thinking exactly the same thing about using an “x” for multiplication. I still have Algebra 1 students that throw in an “x” for multiplication then get incredibly confused because they wonder where the letter “x” came from. And, I’ve found myself consistently telling students for the past few weeks that we don’t use the division symbol anymore.

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