Practicum Week 7

This week it’s been off to the races at the high school level. I’m teaching three courses, Grade 12 calculus, Grade 11 academic (not calculus stream), and Grade 11 Design. I observed Calculus on Monday and took over it for Tuesday. The Grade 11 class I’m kind of team-teaching with my co-operating teacher, and so far in Design I’ve been observing/team-teaching as a floater.

So far, it’s been great.  The contrast between the junior high and the high school I’m at couldn’t be more striking. It’s only a year difference in age, but maturity wise,the difference is massive. . With my Grade 9 classes, if I turned my back for 10 seconds it felt like a war would break out.  With these classes, at least in class, the students do their work and they try hard.

The school also seems well-funded. It’s been all renovated inside, and it’s really clean and nice looking. Another nice thing is that there are lots of home-stayed international students attending the school.

The classes I’m teaching are great too. Calculus involves a ton of preparation and I’m dealing with very go-getter students, but it’s good experience and it’s nice teaching high-level concepts.  Grade 11 math seems pretty good too. They’re more average math students, but they’re good kids, and they seem like they’re going to be fun to teach. Finally, Design has been pretty laid back. The students are working on reproducing a car sales advertisement and then creating their own. They basically go at their own pace and work by themselves. I float around and help them when they get stuck, but they all seem on-task and are interested.  The only thing in my background marginally related to Graphic Design is that I’ve used computers before, but still, as a hands-on course, it’s a refreshing change from math. It’s a valuable life skill, too, which makes it enjoyable to both learn and teach.

Anyways, I’m extremely happy with my high-school placement thus far and I hope it continues. It’s funny that I worried so much about this portion compared to my junior-high part, but so far everything is great.


About James C.

A pre-service teacher about to start his first teaching practicum.
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