Practicum Week 12 & 13

Yikes! The last two weeks flew by. I know that I say that every time I write a post, but I’m amazed every time and find it a little scary. I’m also so busy, I wish I had more time in the day and was actually half-disappointed that today is a holiday because I wish I had one more day to get the stuff I was working on completed! Not really though, I always appreciate a day off.

Last Friday, I had a reflection day at the university. I expected it to be another day where everyone showed up and went through the motions, but it turned out to be a really nice day. After a good presentation on classroom management, the student teachers were divided into groups and shared our own experiences, and resources we’ve been using, and we then shared our ideas with the class. I was really surprised to see the growth in confidence in the student-teachers, particularly the elementary cohort, who are a really shy group.  It’s such a quick transformation, it had only been 12 weeks!

I’m missing two teaching days next week because I have to go to Halifax for job training. As much as I’m happy to get to go to Halifax for a few days plus get paid the hours, I wish I didn’t have to miss teaching days this late in the term. Oh well.

Add in the Monday holiday and this means I only have 7 teaching days left, and two of those days students are going to be writing midterms!


About James C.

A pre-service teacher about to start his first teaching practicum.
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